I first visited Tucson in 1976, the Bi-Cenntenial,  while on a trip across the country on a Greyhound bus. It was monsoon season and one afternoon I sat on my friend’s porch on Helen Street near the U of A and watched the monsoon come in. In just an hour the entire street was overflowing with rain, and just as quickly it was bone dry. As a visitor from the New York area, this seemed impressive and somewhat magical. I went to school back east for two years, and as soon as I could, I transferred to the University of Arizona where I had heard the Creative Writing Department was world class. It turned out to be true, and the three years I spent here in college were formative years.
After many years of music school, real estate brokerage and construction/development in Cambridge, MA, I again saw a way to move back to the desert in 1998. After only a few months, the real estate bug bit me, and I started to rehab old houses and apartment buildings, right near my alma mater. This culminated in the mid-2000’s with two projects near Downtown Tucson known as Barrio Metalico and Ice House Lofts. These projects won regional awards and much media attention locally as well as in the New York Times various European architectural magazines. I have been active and enthusiastic about the possibilities of Downtown Tucson for decades, and it is thrilling to see the Modern Street Car about to rise from the ashes. Having lived through the Big Dig in Boston, I can understand why a lot of people here are confused by it and skeptical of it. However, the “T” transformed many neighborhoods in Boston and greatly improved the quality of life for residents. We can’t wait to see this happen in our own backyard!
This is a town which has stayed small and cozy, but also boasts the best hiking and biking in the Southwest, a world-class University, incredible weather much of the year and a very low cost of living. We love it here, and part of why we chose real estate in Tucson is to show people why that is.